Identified - Some customers may see an error on their banking platform from Public Bank when trying to make a deposit to their Luno MYR wallet. We're reaching out to the bank to resolve the issue, please make use of a different bank account, one that is in your name, to make a deposit to your MYR wallet.

Withdrawals to Public Bank customers are still functioning as normal.

Updates to follow.
Nov 14, 13:38 SAST
Website Operational
API Operational
Bank deposits and withdrawals Operational
Malaysia Operational
South Africa Operational
Nigeria Operational
Indonesia Operational
Europe Operational
Bitcoin sends and receives Operational
Ethereum sends and receives Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Past Incidents
Nov 15, 2019

No incidents reported today.

Nov 13, 2019
Resolved - Deposits are clearing as normal.
Nov 13, 06:25 SAST
Update - We're still working on a fix, we hope to see this resolved within the next few days.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Nov 4, 13:48 SAST
Identified - We’ve identified an issue where duplicate deposits made on the same day are not reflecting This means that the first deposits reflects without an issue, but the second deposit of the same amount does not.

Our team have already identified the issue and are working on a priority as a fix. All deposits will be honoured. If customers do want to make multiple deposits per day we recommend that they are made as different amounts.

Please reach out to our team should a deposit not reflect in your MYR wallet within 24 hours

Updates to follow.
Oct 31, 10:08 SAST
Nov 12, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 11, 2019
Resolved - Withdrawals are being processed as normal.
Nov 11, 11:15 SAST
Investigating - Withdrawals in Nigeria will not be processed on 11 November 2019 due to the public holiday, unfortunately, banks do not process withdrawals over weekends or public holidays.

Requested withdrawals will be processed on 12 November 2019.

Please view our full withdrawal schedule via the link below:
Nov 8, 10:03 SAST
Nov 10, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 9, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 8, 2019
Resolved - Deposits and withdrawals are being processed as normal.
Nov 8, 09:50 SAST
Update - We've managed to process some withdrawals, however some deposits and withdrawals may still be delayed.
An update will be posted as soon as we hear differently.
Nov 6, 16:42 SAST
Update - We're making good progress with our banking partner and hoping to see all deposit and withdrawal times return to normal during the course of today. Thanks for your patience.
Nov 6, 10:32 SAST
Identified - There will be a slight delay with Nigerian bank deposits and withdrawals requested on 5 November 2019. This is a temporary incident which we hope to see resolved during the day. We will re-attempt to release the withdrawals during the next release, you can find the full schedule here -

Updates to follow.
Nov 5, 10:20 SAST
Nov 7, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 3, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 2, 2019

No incidents reported.

Nov 1, 2019

No incidents reported.